Thursday June 30th - Saturday August 6th, 2022

And she was wearing trousers: a call to our heroines, Arts House, Wurundjeri country (North Melbourne)


It has been a long time since I shared what I had been working on, during The Purple Shall Govern and following on thereafter- so I am very excited to share this project- years in the making with my

co-curator Naomi Velaphi. More updates, interviews and reviews from the exhibition coming soon!


And she was wearing trousers: a call to our heroines brings into focus some of the many women who defined, defied or described Southern African culture from the seventeenth century to today. It features a dynamic array of contributors connecting across shores, from both the African continent and the African diaspora in Australia.


This exhibition that takes place Arts House, features a series of new commissions from artists Nontsikelelo Mutiti, Jabu Nadia Newman, blk banaana, Kirsty Marillier, Rara Zulu and Tariro Mavondo which sit alongside the Australian premiere of Sethembile Msezane’s short film ISIMO. Installations, performance and conversations will unearth often-forgotten feminists, exploring ideas of identity, connection, distance and self. The learning and unearthing these artists have encountered are both exciting and affecting.


Working from archives across various publishers, oral histories, public and private, the academy and the internet, the women Brenda Fassie, Dorothy Masuka, Krotoa, Thenjiwe Lesabe, Queen Lozikeyi and figures alike have served as catalysts into an imagined world by which hope, loss, love and determination are explored. From collage to installation, video art and sound, music to typography, the forms of inquiry taken here are as diverse as the experiences of the women behind them.

Still from video 'As high as the stars so far unseen,' by artist blk banaana.

2pm on Sunday March 27th, 2022

The Purple Shall Govern: Walking Tour with Elders, Footscray Community Arts


The Purple Shall Govern is held on lands bordering the Maribrynong river banks.

What stories inhabit this place?


As the exhibition asks us to examine histories of publics, artist Roberta joins Elders Uncle Larry Walsh and N’arweet Dr. Carolyn Briggs AM as they walk and talk, guiding and exploring the rich landscape and histories of Kulin Country. The Walking Tour with Elders will close the exhibition and its program.

Roberta Joy Rich listening to Uncle Larry Walsh.

6pm on Wednesday March 2nd and Wednesday March 16th, 2022

Screens of Resistance, Footscray Community Arts


Through intimate screenings and conversations, Screens of Resistance invites you to delve deeper into the themes within The Purple Shall Govern exhibition. Join us to explore the work of activists who have influenced our world today. All screenings are FREE. RSVP via Footscray Community Arts.


Screens of Resistance with Kimberley Moulton

Wednesday 2nd March, 6 – 9pm

Roberta Joy Rich and Kimberley Moulton invite you to reflect on the documentary Lousy Little Sixpence, a film by influential activists about the Stolen Generations. Through conversation, you will learn how the film resonates with Kimberley’s work and cultural connections.


Screens of Resistance with Scottnes Smith

Wednesday 16th March, 6 – 9pm

Roberta Joy Rich and Scottnes Smith invite you to reflect on the documentary WINNIE, a film that explores the legacy of Winnie Mandela and her involvement in the collective resistance against the Apartheid regime.

Saturday 19th February -  Sunday 27th March, 2022

The Purple Shall Govern; an exhibition by Roberta Joy Rich

Presented at Footscray Community Arts in partnership with Australia Centre for Contemporary Art

Wurundjeri Woiwurrung and Boonwurrung lands (Footscray, Melbourne).

Saturday 12th February 6pm - 9pm, 2022

Sounds of Resistance, Footscray Community Arts Amphitheatre


A week before The Purple Shall Govern opening launch, join us for Sounds of Resistance, a precursory contemplative sonic experience as part of Who's Afraid of Public Space?


Bringing communities together to reflect on themes within the exhibition, DJ's Peter Abrahams,

Paul Gorrie and Colette spin the sounds and rhythms that reflect a soundtrack of liberation and self-determination, playing music of people from this continent to southern Africa. Meet us at the banks of the Maribyrnong among the she-oaks and the bluestones for an introspective dance.


The exhibition will also be open to explore as you immerse yourself in sound. Tickets are now available here for $10 as well as Blak tix and NOTAFLOF (No one turned away for lack of funds).

Saturday 4th December, 2021

Who’s Afraid of Public Space? Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Wurundjeri lands

(Melbourne, Australia).


ACCA is delighted to open Who's Afraid of Public Space? this Saturday 4 December, a major new project exploring the role of public culture, the contested nature of public space, and the character and composition of public life.


Extending across Melbourne through multiple programs, events, installations and interventions, Who's Afraid of Public Space? has been developed with a range of cultural partners, including Abbotsford Convent, Arts Project Australia, Blak Dot Gallery, Bus Projects, Chunky Move, City of Melbourne, Footscray Community Arts, Metro Tunnel Creative Program and Testing Grounds.


I was commissioned as part of Who's Afraid of Public Space to present at Footscray Community Arts, and I am very excited to present my new solo show, "The Purple Shall Govern" in 2022. Explore the program now on ACCA’s website and Footscray Community Arts.

ACMI Logo and text outlining details of the Trust Award.

Thursday 27th May, 2021

Very humbled and excited about this project! See ACMI's website for more details...

Thursday 15th - 28th March, 2021

Stimulus Package, situated across various locations on Wurundjeri and Woiwurrung Country

(Darebin City Council) as part of Darebin's FUSE Festival.

Artist talk at Preston Town Hall 6pm, Thursday 25th March.


Curated by Madé Spencer-Castle.

Stimulus Package features the work of Kay Abude, Georgia Banks, Lara Chamas, Anita Cummins, Roberta Joy Rich, Shea Kirk, Sonia Leber and David Chesworth, Louise Meuwissen, Steven Rhall and Tim Woodward.


Emerging from the wake of global upheaval, Stimulus Package plays wryly with the notion of economic stimulus, through the commissioning of 10 public artworks, presented across advertising sites throughout the City of Darebin. Engaging with artists to consider the impact of 2020 on the

fabric of our existence, Stimulus Package reflects on the ways in which we can come together as communities, to stimulate and support each other through extraordinary times.


Presented on the street and to the public, the works presented in Stimulus Package are at once deeply personal yet fiercely political, tender and compelling, humorous but deadly serious. Harnessing the vernacular of advertising, Stimulus Package prompts us to consider, how we can meaningfully engage with one another, feel connected and inspired, and bring people together in a time where we are increasingly apart? Check out this map with locations of artists works and further details.

Monday 1st February, 2021

BROWNFACE, ed. by Winnie Dunn

Cordite Poetry Review


BROWNFACE is now published, with guest editor Winnie Dunn, features a plethora of amazing

bla(c)k and brown writers and a young overview of some of my art over the past ten years.

Big thanks to Kent MacCarter and Urvi Majumdar for making this happen.


Cordite 100: BROWNFACE features work by Munawwar Abdulla, Asiel Adan-Sanchez, Christine Afoa, Munira Tabassum Ahmed, Tahlea Aualiitia, Cassandra Barnett, Miguel Barretto Garcia, Ema Bell, Beth Brown, Debbie Karol Butay, Josh Cake, Luoyang Chen, Sally Chik, Eileen Chong, W H Chong, Pooja Chowdhary, Lisa Collyer, Niki David, Brad David, Andrea de Kauwe, T De Los Reyes, Lawdenmarc Decamora, Marilyn Dumont, Sophie Finlay, Phil Fresh, Mukund Gnanadesikan, Suchi Govindarajan, Ariana Haghighi, Maya Hodge, Leki Jackson-Bourke, Megan Kaminski, Lesh Karan, Raelee Lancaster, Andréa Ledding, Harold Legaspi, Ivy Luo, Phoebe Lupton, Janaka Malwatta, Linda Martin, Guido Melo, Beth Merindah, Suzi Mezei, Marziya Mohammedali, Jazz Money, Daiane Moret, Sam Morley, Rashida Murphy, Kynpham Nongkynrih, Lulu Nyirenda, Thuy On, Yu Ouyang, Taofia Pelesasa, Indrani Perera, Chris Price, Daley Rangi, Nadia Rhook, Roberta Joy Rich, Sara Saleh, Nnadi Samuel, Victor Senthinathan, Elfie Shiosaki, Alex Skovron, Brylle Tabora, Alice Te Punga Somerville, Annie Te Whiu, Josef Tomáš, Ling Toong, Rilwan Tukur, Emele Ugavule, Ranu Uniyal, Saba Vasefi, Himaja Wijesinghe and Jiahui Wu.

Screenshot of Cordite Website with image of artist's work. Digital collage with African faces looking from behind a group of fashion models.

Tuesday 15th December, 2020

How artists turned to the postal service,

Art Guide, Issue 128.

Article written by Nanette Orly, featuring works by Jessica Clarke, Anna John, Phuong Ngo,

Roberta Joy Rich and EJ Son.

Black and white image of a woman with long dark hair wearing a tshirt.
Printed article in a paper copy of Art Guide.

Wednesday 7th October 5pm - 6pm, 2020

Who’s Afraid of Public Space? Think Tank #2 – Collaboration and Community,

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Wurundjeri lands (Melbourne, Australia).


A lively digital discussion, Think Tank #2 will engage with ideas of collaboration, collectivity, community engaged practice and the commons, as part of the Think Tank series as part of ACCA’s forthcoming exhibition Who’s Afraid of Public Space?


Presented in partnership with Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC), and moderated by FCAC Artistic Director and co-CEO Daniel Santangeli, the panel will include contributors Eugenia Flynn, Kent Morris, Roberta Joy Rich and Kate Sulan. Developed with an assembly of advisors and collaborators, Who’s Afraid of Public Space? is a research, publication and exhibition project which ACCA is developing over 2020–22. ACCA has partnered with Abbotsford Convent, Arts Project Australia, Blak Dot, Bus Projects and FCAC to present a dispersed program of exhibitions and projects that consider critical ideas as to what constitutes public culture and to ask who might it be for?


You can listen back to the online forum via Soundcloud here.

Marketing Image for Podcast with woman holding a megaphone reading from a piece of paper.

Friday 28th August - 1 November, 2020

Incinerator Art Award : Art for Social Change, Incinerator Gallery,

Wurundjeri lands, (Aberfeldie, Victoria, Australia).


The Incinerator Art Award online exhibition will be launching with a live stream of the awards ceremony on Friday, 28 August at 6pm. The Awards will be presented by judges Andy Butler (Program Curator Westspace. Artist, writer and curator)., Esther Anatolitis (Deputy Chair, Contemporary Arts Precincts; Honorary Associate Professor, RMIT School of Art) and Hannah Presley (Curator of Indigenous Art, National Gallery of Victoria).


The Incinerator Art Award 2020 shortlisted finalists are: @covid19quilt Project, led by Kate Just and Tal Fitzpatrick, Amala Groom, Azza Zein, The Bureau for the Organisation of Origins (BOO), Carly Fischer, Chelle Destefano, Cyrus Tang, Desmond Mah, Devi Seetharam, Elham Eshraghian, Georgia Banks, Hineani Tunoa Roberts, Jayanto Tan, Karla Pringle, MJ Flamiano, Nicholas Burridge, Nina Sanadze, Roberta Joy Rich, Sally Foster, Sha Sarwari, Shivanjani Lal, Varuni Kanagasundaram.


A massive congratulations to winners Cyrus Tang and Sha Sarwari! Look out for their exhibitions at the Incinerator Gallery next year. The exhibition is now viewable online, plus Artist and Curator Symposium Talks (I feature in the Identity and Community Panel), and you can vote for your favourite artwork for the People's Choice Award.


Moving image of orange capitalised text in a circle formation reading #IncineratorArtAward2020

Friday 21st August - 30th August, 2020.

Momentum, West Projections Festival.

Join in the opening West Projections Festival 2020 with a free live online forum, “between the work” featuring this year’s commissioned artists.

Date: 21st August 2020

Time: 4pm - 5pm


This year, West Projections Festival invites Paola Balla, Jonathan Homsey,  Roberta Joy Rich, Jody Haines, Alison Bennett, Siying Zhou, Jess Dubblu and Shae Rooke, and Victoria University Polytechnic students to present new work in conjunction with a retrospective work, to explore our theme of Momentum.


"Momentum as the theme for West Projections Festival 2020 arose from reflecting on the festival’s development over its seven year history—on the artists and artworks we have presented over this time. We look back at what we have created, learned, sensed and produced in previous years, to conceptualise a space that best holds what we see changing around us. By working retrospectively, we hope to generate momentum towards potential futures."

Black and White Grainy image, slightly warped with CRT Television set and the words Momentum in white text on top.


Detail from an artwork collage; image is sliced and sliding out of place. Details of faces of a Anglo Woman and an African woman are present.
Framed screenprint of layers of text and the words 'A survey of race relations' and 'deny, denial, denied' repeated above a quote by Talia Smith

Monday 22nd June, 2020

Copies Can Lead, Liminal Magazine


For the last couple of months, I have been collaborating with writer Ava Amedi towards Liminal Magazine's current series of digital writing and art themed glitch. New collage works, Arrest No. 1,

No. 2 and No. 3 (Arrest Triptych), 2020, as part of the essay Copies Can Lead is now online!

You can view the works and read the essay here.

...and the FBi Radio Digital Art Auction bidding continues until this Friday 7pm, and to celebrate FBi Radio are throwing a live-streamed party called FINAL COUNTDOWN; programmed by audience recommendations and will be counting down the final 60 minutes of bidding from 6-7pm on Twitch.  If you'd like to request a song you can head to

There are amazing artists and works in this years auction and I felt honoured and gushy to be

selected by artist and curator Talia Smith in her top picks for 10 Magazine!

Detail from Arrest No. 3, 2020.

Monday 15th - Friday 26th June, 2020

FBi Radio Digital Art Auction, FBi Radio, Sydney, Australia.


Join FBi Radio ~ online ~ for the FBi Radio Digital Art Auction

Monday 10am 15 June to 7pm Friday 26 June


Featuring over 70 of Australia's most exciting established artists and next big things including:


Abdul Abdullah, Abdullah M.I. Syed, Alex Seton, Alice Couttoupes, Amala Groom, Anna Pogossova, Barbara Cleveland, Belem Lett, Blak Douglas, Chris Yee, Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro, David Griggs, Dean Cross, Deborah Kelly, Dennis Golding , Elena Papanikolakis, Eliza Gosse, Emily Hunt, Emily Parsons-Lord, Esther Olsson, Evi O, Garry Trinh, Genevieve Felix Reynolds, Glenn Barkley, Grace Blake, Hyun Lee, India Mark, Izabela Pluta , Jack Lanagan Dunbar, Jamie North, Janet Laurence, Jason Phu, Joan Ross, John A Douglas, Justene Williams, Kalanjay Dhir, Ken Done, Kenny Pittock, Khaled Sabsabi, Koji Ryui, Kuba Dorabialski, Lindy Lee, Lisa Sammut, Lynda Draper, Marian Tubbs, Marikit Santiago, Martyn Hodge, Mason Kimber, Megan Cope, Meng-Yu Yan, Mike Parr, Nadia Odlum, Nathan Beard, Nick Santoro, Owen Leong, Phil James, Prue Stent and Honey Long, Reg Mombassa, Roberta Rich, Sabella D'Souza, Sarah Contos, Shivanjani Lal, Sidney McMahon, Sofiyah Ruqayah, Stevie Fieldsend, Tané Andrews, Tina Havelock Stevens, Tom Blake, Tom Polo, Tony Albert, TV Moore, Vipoo Srivilasa and Zoe Wong.

Banner image with grey-brown and Orange Text describing details of the FBi Radio Art Auction in 2020.

May, 2020

I'm sure we can all agree 2020 and COVID-19 has brought concerning circumstances that has affected us all in varying ways. I hope wherever you may be reading this from, you and your loved ones are safe and keeping well. If you're in a position to donate to communities that may not have access to safety, support, food and living essentials, there is a First Nations Mutual Aid Fund based in Victoria, Australia accepting donations online, and an extensive list of organisations in South Africa, province specific and nationwide, detailing the organisation, relief offered, support needed and their contact details (please note +27 country code for phone numbers). There is also an online fund (I think Johannesburg based) that specifically supports LGBTQI+ community in South Africa here.


I kept news of an award I received early 2020 pretty quiet that would enable me the opportunity of a studio residence for 3 months at the Cemeti Institute for Art and Society in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I have postponed this journey and continue to work in Narrm (Melbourne) and have revisited older projects and conjuring new ideas.


Coloured™ wearable art is back in stock :-) A second edition Narrm print run of the 'rainbow split fountain' on white tee/sweater is available as well as the gold on black series.

If keen to order DM me; cheap contact-less courier service is available too.


Other projects are in the works, but for now here is a pic of me wearing Coloured™


Woman wearing denim overalls sitting on a stoep laughing wearing a white jumper that reads the words in rainbow, ColouredTM

Sunday 15th March, 2020

Join me for a free panel discussion as part of the Melbourne Art Book Fair 2020 at NGV International, Melbourne. I'll be discussing my approach to archives, in particular from my residencies in South Africa and their use in my practice, as well as my rejection of them as a strategy of reclamation. Chaired by Channon Goodwin (Bus Projects) I'll be speaking alongside Melissa McGrath,

David Mutch and Paul Andrew.

NGV Panel Discussion text details, with a text article next to newsprint logos of Artist Run Initiatives.

February, 2020

BLINDSIDE Gallery in partnership with the National Trust invited me to participate in their inaugural Mooramong Residency program. Situated on Wathaurong country almost 3 hours west of Narrm Melbourne, I joined artists Anna May Kirk and Manisha Anjali to engage in research, creativity and learn about the site and potentially respond creatively. Here's a little sample from the residency project; I'll shout out when the forthcoming public panel at BLINDSIDE is happening, that will reflect on the residency as well as the development of the #arentwerich photo series.

Collage of images of the artist while at the Mooramong Mansion doing a range of activities on the property during their stay.

Saturday 10th August -  Saturday 7th September, 2019

The Freedman Foundation; Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artists Exhibition, UNSW Galleries,

Dharug country, (Sydney, Australia).

Woman with curly hair with arm raised showing a fist, wearing a black tshirt reading ColouredTM image sits about text detailing the exhibition.

Friday 9th August - Sunday 18th August, 2019

The Cinema of the Past Begins with a Battle, as part of West Projections 2019.

Boonwurrung lands, (Footscray) Australia.


I had the privilege of collaborating with a dear friend and peer Narrm artist Abyss for this years West Projections video projection festival. This project was quite significant for both of us, as residents within the work's locale and the current issues we are concerned with, and subsequently propose within the artwork. I encourage you to listen to DJ Abyss' weekly radio broadcast on 3CR's Hip Sista Hop show on Sundays from 4pm - 5pm.


West Projections launches Friday 9th August at VU Metro West from 6.30pm - 9pm. There will also be a guided walk on August 15th from 6pm. For more about where you can see our work, head to the

West Projections website.


Black and White photo of a buildings roof and a silhouette of a sculpture looking toward the sky.

Image Credit: Abyss

Saturday 6th July - Sunday 28th July, 2019

Speak softly, tread heavily, Peacock Gallery, Auburn, New South Wales, Australia.


Speak softly, tread heavily, curated by Talia Smith, brings together different perspectives and experiences of navigating culture, traditions and languages within a multicultural society. The exhibition features works by Zoe Wong (pictured), Kevin Diallo, Mojgan Habibi, Naomi Segal, Nadia Hernandez, Moorina Boonini, Linda Sok, Katayoun Javan and myself.

Exhibition Flyer with Text details of the show and image of a mouth with a gold grill on teeth with a black dragon.

Coming up in June, 2019

WE KOPPEL, WE DALA, Metro Arts, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Exhibition opens: 6pm, Wednesday June 26th 2019


Solo Exhibition by Roberta Joy Rich. Catalogue essay by Naomi Velaphi.

Public programs: 3pm Saturday June 29th, Spoken Word workshop with Anisa Nandula

3pm Saturday July 13th, Artist talk in conversation with Sancintya Mohini Simpson


We Koppel, We Dala presents narratives of southern African origins that explore concepts of identity, migration, self-determination and representation. Painful artefacts remind us of oppressive histories and their ongoing impacts. Apartheid continues. Disguised globally. Framed within South African Apartheid history, the exhibition seeks to consider adjacent histories of colonialism such as that of

so-called ‘Australia’ and its own histories of segregation, and to acknowledge this.


We Koppel, We Dala explores personal relationships within these histories, by occupying significant sites of reclamation and loss: the mountains where Khoi and San ancestors traversed; memorials of

the 76’ youth uprisings; sites of removed of colonial statues; and visiting former family residences.

Fist thrust into the air, the artist acknowledges connection to place and history. The plight of residents of District Six and many other communities who were displaced as a result of South Africa’s Group Areas Act, continues 50 years on, though not in silence. Because we must koppel, we must dala.

Website Banner Image with orange text We Koppel We Dala on a photo of woman standing below housing with one fist raised high wearing all black.
Person holding white hankerchief that shows embroidered text reading "wipe away your fragility"

Friday March 15th - Sunday March 17th, 2019

Melbourne Art and Book Fair 2019, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne


This year, Bus Projects commissioned me to create a limited edition of works for their stall as part of the Melbourne Art and Book Fair at NGV. Wipe away your fragility, 2019 is an embroidery on handkerchief work available for sale through Bus Projects online shop. All proceeds go towards Bus Projects, one of Narrm Melbourne's longest running artist run initiatives.


Wednesday March 13th, 2019

Part A: It's speachy, Her Africa is Real (H.A.I.R), Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia.


Over a busy summer and start to 2019, I have been quietly working in a new and exciting collective! We have been fortunate to be accepted into ArtsHouse' Culture LAB program, receive support from Next Wave's BMI Artist Development program, and have our first public iteration at Seventh Gallery.


Her Africa Is Real is an interdisciplinary collective, including Naomi Velaphi, Sista Zai Zanda and myself. As southern African diaspora identities in an antipodean context, we come together to discuss and create works that challenge erasure and assert black representation, histories and narratives. Her Africa Is Real employs contemporary methodologies of performance, literature, soundscape and installation to reimagine the “traditional” archive, and present our narratives and histories within the context of so called ‘Australia’.


Part A: it’s speachy. is about dialogue and conversation that interrogate voice, critique and response.

In this exhibition, Her Africa Is Real appropriate Reverend Alpheus Zulu’s 1972 Cape Town University Lecture, titled ‘The Dilemma of the Black South African’, as a foundation to assert their herstories. A mash up of fragmented text, loops, commentary and performance, the exhibition invites the viewer into a cacophony of conversation.


Exhibition opens Wednesday 13th March and runs until 29th March 2019.

Three African diaspora women, all wearing black, seated in a white room.

Image Credit: Channon Goodwin.

Wednesday March 6th, 2019

The Fairest Cape? An account of a Coloured, Firstdraft, Sydney, Australia.


I had the privilege of touring this exhibition to Firstdraft, Sydney and revisiting this series of work and works still yet to be exhibited in this research project. The exhibition opens Wednesday 6th of March, running until Friday 29th March. Artist talks will be held at 6pm on Thursday 28th March.







Artist documentation showing inside of a dark demolition site. Pile of dirt near closed bllind shutters with window showing busy traffic pass.

Inside Auden House facing De Korte street, 2017, Digital Image. Image courtesy of the artist.

Prints on 4 perspex panels of Africa continent silhoettes, text and an African woman repeated on all, sits on a pine shelf against a white wall.

Detail of Our Time, African Faces, African Unionism and Democracy, (from left to right, works in progress) 2018. Digital prints on acrylic with pine shelf, dimensions variable.

Image Credit; Zelé Angelides.

Wednesday November 21st, 2018

SPECTACLE : Issue 38, Runway Experimental Art Magazine, Sydney, Australia.


Excited to be showing new work I have created for Runway Magazine Issue 38: SPECTACLE,

curated by Natasha Matila-Smith, launched online and in Sydney today!


Detail of a digital collage showing African faces looking from behind a group of fashion models inside of a wooden box, with a crowd in shadow.

Wednesday August 22nd, 2018

Representation and Speaking: A performance and conversation with Roberta Rich, Naomi Velaphi and

Sista Zai Zanda, Bus Projects, Collingwood, Melbourne.


Can you speak? Do you have control?

Three black southern African women, come together to talk black representation, power, control and erasure in the context of southern African diaspora identities in so called "Australia". Reflecting on Rich’s most recent studio research residency in South Africa, join us for an evening of performance by Sista Zai Zanda and Roberta Rich, followed by discussion of narration and self-determination, mediated by Naomi Velaphi.


Exhibition Room Sheet | Exhibition Catalogue |

Three African diaspora women sitting on chairs, wearing all black clothes in a white gallery space with artworks behind them.

Image by Channon Goodwin, courtesy of Bus Projects.

Wednesday August 1st, 2018

 The Fairest Cape? An account of a Coloured, Bus Projects, Collingwood, Melbourne.

1 August - 25 August


The Fairest Cape? An account of a Coloured solo exhibition at Bus Projects is a selection of works produced while on two research residencies in South Africa, beginning in Johannesburg, and concluding in Cape Town. Exhibition opening event is from 6pm Wednesday August 1st, come down and welcome me back in Melbourne!

Public program artist talk details to come.

The words Censored in Black and Red run diagonal at the top above 4 people flipped showing their behinds in a grassy park.

Image: Censored, 2018, digital image prototype.

Wednesday June 27th, 2018

Representation, Remembrance and the Memorial, MADA Gallery, Monash University, Melbourne, AUS.

Exhibition opens Wednesday 27th June, Artist talk from 5-6pm, Opening from 6 - 8pm.


Representation, Remembrance and the Memorial includes artworks by Waanyi artist Judy Watson, Roberta Rich, Brook Andrew, and the London-based Mauritius artist Shiraz Bayjoo; interview transcripts with Indigenous scholar Professor Marcia Langton, and American architect Peter Eisenman; architectural drawings for the proposed Education and Cultural Centre for the Myall Creek Massacre Memorial site, along with other materials and artworks.


Curated by Brook Andrew and Dr Jessica Neath.

Website Banner image with Text outlining exhibition details and banner image of cemetry in front of ocean waves.

Friday June 15th, 2018

Coloured™, Greatmore Studios, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa.


As my studio residency comes to an end, I have the pleasure of showcasing works from my Assemblage residency and new work created during my time in Cape Town exhibiting at Greatmore Studios, before returning to Melbourne. Coloured™ exhibition opening kicks off at 6pm with music by DJ SIRCULA and a poetry reading by a very special guest, activist writer James David Matthews.

Video still of people next to tags hanging along a metal gate with a hand showing one that reads This is my Place of Birth and I long to Return.

Image: Remembering District Six, 2016. Single channel HD video, duration 12:51.

Thursday June 7th, 2018

Transmissions, GalleryMOMO, Cape Town, South Africa.


It's First Thursdays in South Africa, and Gallery MOMO is pleased to present Transmissions, the fourth installment of their annual video show, featuring myself, Stephané E. Conradie, Quaid Heneke aka Queezy, Claire Meekel, Riley Grant, Abi Meekel and Jabu Nadia Newman.

Two femmes wearing white and adorned in costume jewellery are laughing and intimatey hold one another and their faces close.

Tuesday May 8th, 2018

M/other Land, Arts House, North Melbourne, as part of Next Wave Festival 2018.


My solo exhibition opened Tuesday evening in Melbourne with a performance by Sista Zai Zanda presenting a RITUAL as part of Next Wave Festival. M/other Land is on exhibition until Saturday 12 May during Arts House operation hours and Next Wave events by Selina Thompson's salt. and Black Birds' Exhale till 9pm.

Woman with curly hair has a fist raised, wearing a black tshirt reading ColouredTM in the hall of a colonial building.

Friday April 27th, 2018

Izandla Zethu, UkhambaBeerworx, Woodstock, Cape Town.


OPENING ON FREEDOM DAY, and running for two months, a group exhibition with a focus that aims to promote the narrative of working together within the community of artists and promote the culture of making art accessible in different spaces and platforms other than art galleries. Curated by Mlondolozi Hempe, Hempe seeks to activate dialogue among the arts community outside of traditional spaces.


Artists exhibiting include Andile Dyalvane, Dathini Mzayiya, Ronald Muchatuta, Madoda Fani, Thabo Mhlongo, Abongile Ntsane, Zama Shozi, Siphe Bobani, Viwe Mfaku, Khaya Witbooi, Skumbuzo Vabaza and myself.

Red exhibition flyer with text detailing show and circular image of a brown skinned hand with paint splashes, holding two paintbrushes.

Monday April 23rd, 2018

I've moved south to my new studio home at Greatmore Studios, Cape Town. Currently completing a studio research residency here engaging in ancestry and slave histories. The residency will conclude with a solo exhibition of works on June 15th. Details to come!

Woman with brown curly hair, wearing a white jumper smiles and sits below a white and green building that reads Greatmore Art Studios.

Saturday April 14th, 2018


38 frames at 68 de korte, TwilSharp Studios, Bertrams, Johannesburg, South Africa.

A solo exhibition concluding my studio research residency at TwilSharp Studios.

Exhibition flyer with details about Twilsharp Studios exhibition with Roberta Joy Rich. Image shows a window with bars and Auden House sign.

February 11th - April 20th 2018

Currently completing a studio residency at TwilSharp Studios, Bertrams, Johannesburg, South Africa.

My studio residency is part of my NAVA Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship, which involves researching the South African Institute of Race Relations and found publication covers produced by SAIRR dating from 1944 - 1996. An exhibition presenting creative responses to the archival material will conclude the residency on April 14th. Details to come.


Woman wearing leopard print top and denim sits on a low red floral couch chair surrounded by tables of research and paper work in a gallery.

Coming up in May 2018, Next Wave Festival at Arts House, North Melbourne

While in South Africa, I have also been working on a new video installation work titled, M/other Land which will premiere at Arts House as part of Next Wave Festival 2018. You can find out more details about the work and upcoming exhibition via the links below!

Saturday February 11th, 2018

3y3k, TwilSharp Studios, Bertrams, Johannesburg, South Africa.

A group exhibition celebrating TwilSharp Studios 3 year birthday.


Exhibition flyer in Fluro Pink, Green with gold stars and stratchy card references details names of artists in exhibition at TwilSharp Studios.

Thursday January 11th, 2018

Visitor Gallery #16: Roberta Rich "Deny / Denial / Denied", Visitor Gallery, Belleville Melbourne.

This will be my last exhibition of work in Melbourne before I depart on route to South Africa as part of the Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship.

Opening Thursday 11th January from 6pm, food and drinks available till late and vinyl beats brought to you by DJ Colette and GSM.

Exhibition flyer with white and black text to left and woman holding her hands wearing gold & black standing in front of artworks on the right.

Thursday November 9th, 2017

The Emerging Cultural Leaders Showcase 2017, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne.

Click here to see more images of the event.  Below image and event photos by Shuttermain.

African diaspora woman stands in front of her artworks of screenprints, tshirts and hanging tapestry in a black gallery space.

Wednesday November 8th, 2017

Reppin' The Emerging Cultural Leaders Showcase 2017 in this edition of the Star Weekly, in their

My Place feature. You can also read the article online here.

Newspaper article with text and photo of a woman smiling with make up, curly brown hair, beaded necklace and black tshirt that reads ColouredTM.

September 25th, 2017

This October - Prints on Paper Studio and Priest bring you

'Parable and Parabole'



Minenkulu Ngoyi, Sanele Omari Jali, Sthembiso Zwane, Sifiso Themba, Bevan Jordan De Wet, Gawie Joubert, Ben Eagle, Chad Flz Cordeiro, Thenjiwe Nkosi, Mary-lee Makunye, Isaac Zavale, MJ Turpin, Simphiwe Buthelezi, Roberta Joy Rich, Simnikiwe Buhlungu, Stephan Erasmus, Fred Clarke, Mandisi Lean (Mr. Lean), R!OT (Sindiso Nyoni), Cyzo (Joel Matladi) and Audrey Anderson.


Opening First Thursday, 5th of October 2017 to 25th of October 2017 at Priest Gallery and Espressobar on Jan Smuts, Johannesburg, South Africa. For more details see the Facebook event here.

Exhibition Flyer image with navy text and dark blue, blue and red abstract figure drawing.

September 20th, 2017

Footscray Community Arts Centre's Spring Program is now out and circulating Melbourne!

Featuring an array of amazing workshops, performances and events, included is this year's

Emerging Cultural Leaders, with details of our upcoming Showcase event at FCAC Performance Space, Thursday 9th November from 6.30pm - 8.30pm. FREE! Watch this space for more updates!


Left is a group of young people smiling looking up at the Camera with a black background, Right is famous Black Trans activist Marsha P. Johnson

Opening Thursday August 3rd, 2017

Deny / Denial / Denied, a Solo Exhibition by Roberta Rich, Blak Dot Gallery, Melbourne.

Detail of a screen print work with layers of text from a book outlines of words deny denial denied and in red centered, the word colouredtm.
Exhibition flyer with text detailing name, time and place details of artist exhibition with logos and sponsors.

July 31st, 2017

The National Association for the Visual Arts and this year's Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship Exhibition Curator, Dara Wei, invited me for a QnA to talk about my arts practice and work in the upcoming Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship Exhibition at UNSW Galleries.

Click here to read the interview!

Woman with hand on hip wearing gold and back standing in front of three framed artworks on a white wall is above text for a link to an interview

July 24th, 2017

Verso, an independent Adelaide based online arts platform for artists, writers and curators invited me to write about my Johannesburg residency at Assemblage and my arts practice. Have a read in the link below for some insights for my upcoming solo exhibition at Blak Dot Gallery.

Deny / Denial / Denied; Reflecting on Coloured™ identities, a Johannesburg studio residency and the practice of Roberta Joy Rich.

Woman with long brown curly hair tied back wearing a purple shirt with gold buttons looks to the right. In the backgroung is a tapestry artwork.
Exhibition flyer with an artwork by Jessica Doucha. Fine pine sticks some with colour on their ends cross over each other near a black circle.
Logos of Wits School of Arts, Wits Art Museum, Wits Uni, Prints on Paper and Arts Proof Studio

Fine art screenprinting continues to flourish in South Africa! This is evident in the selection of young and emerging artists, producing exciting work in this medium, who will be showcased in WAM's forthcoming exhibition One Colour at a Time: Contemporary Screenprints.


In an initiative to showcase recent contemporary work being made in South Africa, WAM invited three printing studios located in Johannesburg: Artist Proof Studio (APS), Prints on Paper (POP) and Division of Visual Arts, Wits School of Arts (DIVA) to collaboratively curate the exhibition.


Exhibiting artists:

Alexandré Vosloo, Allyssa Herman, Alphabet Zoo, Angus MacKinnon, Antonio Pacheho, Atang Tshikare, Audrey Salmon, Ben Eagle, Bevan de Wet, Boipelo Khunou, Dineo Diphofa,

Gary Stephens, Gawie Joubert, Io Makandal, Isaac Zavale, Jessica Doucha, Lebogang Mabusela,

Lee Jardine, Lehlogonolo Mashaba, Malebona Maphutse, Mary-Lee Makunye, Michael Owen Petersen, Mini Ngoyi, MJ Turpin, Mongezi Ncaphayi, Mr Fuzzy Slipperz, Mr Lean, Nolan Oswald Dennis, Norman Catherine, Nthabeleng Godisamang Masulubele, Reneilwe Mathibe,

Roberta Joy Rich, Sanele Omari Jali, Sara-Aimee Verity, Sifiso Temba, Simnikiwe Buhlungu, Sindiso Nyoni, Siwa Mgoboza, Stephan Erasmus, Su Opperman, Tatenda Magaisa,  Thabiso Kholobeng,

Thenjiwe Nkosi, Vivien Kohler, Yolanda Mtombeni, Zinhle Gule.


Wits Art Museum

Corner Bertha (extension of Jan Smuts Avenue) and Jorissen streets, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

Opening hours: Wednesdays to Sundays 10h00 - 16h00.

Tel (Mon - Fri): 011 717 1365
Tel (Sat - Sun): 011 717 1358

June 27th - November 12th, 2017

ONE COLOUR AT A TIME - Contemporary Screen Prints at the Wits Art Museum. Two of my serigraph prints will be exhibited as part of this group show, leading up to WAM's Andy Warhol exhibition. WAM in collaboration with Artist Proof Studios, Prints on Paper and the Wits School of Arts will host an exhibition featuring various South African artists that have produced screen prints, in recent years. There is an accompanying lecture that will be a sneak preview of the content of the upcoming exhibition, One Colour at a Time: Contemporary Screen Prints. More info coming soon.

May 27th - June 20th, 2017

Capturing State


A group exhibition curated by Prints on Paper

Hosted at the Dead Bunny Society


OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, 27 May from 3 pm

23 Voorhout Street, 2nd Floor, Ellis House, New Doornfontein, Johannesburg



Sanele Omari Jali | Vivien Kohler | Io Makandal | Minenkulu Ngoyi |Roberta Rich | MJ Turpin | Isaac Zavale


Dead Bunny Society is proud to present a selection of works from the “Capturing State” exhibition which has been developed and curated by Isaac Zavale and Minenkulu Ngoyi, directors of Prints on Paper, and first presented at the KKNK festival in Oudtshoorn in April 2017.

Click here for Press Release.

Exhibition flyer with image of screenprint with split rainbow fountain reading colouredtm.

May 25th, 2017

The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship Recipients 2017


The Freedman Foundation and the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) are pleased to announce this year’s recipients of The Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship for Emerging Artists; Alexandra Spence (NSW), Roberta Rich (VIC), Sara Retallick (VIC), Spence Messih.


Roberta Rich (VIC) will undertake self-directed research exploring the history of the South African Race Relations Institute and tracing slave African ancestry in Cape Town and Johannesburg.


“Receiving this award is very exciting and has come at a time that will allow me to continue the great momentum of my research in South Africa and to shape my practice's future aesthetic developments” - Roberta Rich


An exhibition featuring works by this year’s recipients is being curated by Dara Wei, who has received a Curatorial Scholarship from The Freedman Foundation through the Masters of Curating and Cultural Leadership program at UNSW Art & Design. The exhibition opens at UNSW Galleries on 11 August 2017 and will also showcase works by the returning scholars from 2015: Claudia Nicholson (NSW), George Egerton-Warburton (WA), Jason Phu (NSW) and Jorgen Doyle (Tas).

Logos of NAVA, The Freedman Foundation and UNSW Galleries.

May 25th - June 24th, 2017

The Capturing State group exhibition curated by Minenkulu Ngoyi and Isaac Zavale, as part of the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival held in Oudtshoorn, is touring Johannesburg! Prints from the exhibition will be shown at Assemblage studios, opening Thursday 25th May from 5.30 - 8.30pm.

Exhibition Flyer with show details and image of two faces seperated by lines, in black and white ink, an artwork by V. Kohler and M. Ngoyi.

April 8th - April 15th, 2017

Selected prints will be exhibited in Capturing State, a group exhibition curated by Minenkulu Ngoyi and Isaac Zavale, as part of the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival held in Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa.

January 2017

FLUXUS NOW / a project by Space Space Gallery featuring artist works Blazing Empress, Aaron Carter, Spencer Lai, Amber Wright and Tshepo Moloi, installed across various locations in Johannesburg CBD. Image: Roberta Rich, Paste ups featured on various poles, walls & electricity boxes in New Doornfontein, Johannesburg. Image courtesy of Space Space Gallery.

Street view of a corner in Johannesburg with paste ups on the sitde of bines and electrical boxes that look like ads, with prayer hands.

Thursday 3rd November, 2016

Opening of Situation group exhibition curated by Bahlakoana Lesemane, Tshego Mabaso, Gontse Mathabathe & Kerry Skinner, at The Point of Order, Wits University Project Space, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa. Situation features serigraph's from my Assemblage residency, exhibiting alongside Lehlogonolo Mashaba, Igshaan Adams, Kyra Pape and Sikhumbuzo Makandula.

Flyer Text with artwork of a black background showing ink and sugar marks forming an orange and toffee like image.

Sunday 2nd October, 2016

Foley: Creature from the Black, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

Exhibition flyer with text and image of a texta artwork of a satire movie poster, Fary Foley: Creature from the Black Platoon.
Exhibition Flyer with text detailing a public program with Dr Gary Foley speaking at the exhibition, White Lies; As we know it.

Check out Foley's Koori History Website and the art of Texta Queen

Friday 26th August, 2016

Yarnin' Project Film Screening with Bobby Nicholls, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

Exhibition flyer with text and an image of a group of First Nations youth being led by two First Nations men in an outdoor bush setting.
Exhibition flyer with text detailing a public program of a film screening with Yarnin' Project's Uncle Robert 'Bobby' Nicholls.

Watch films from the Yarnin' Project of Elder stories

August 7th - August 28th, 2016

No Man's Land, SOMA Art + Space, Maboneng, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Exhibition flyer with text of artists and show details. On left is a black and white image of Brenda Fassie smoking while lying on a bed.

August 5th - October 4th, 2016

White lies: As we know it, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

Exhibition flyer with image of youtube screen shot showing brown legs standing on a colonial flag on sand.
Exhibition flyer with text outlining exhibition artist and show details with sponsor logos.

June 10th, 2016

I have a drawing that has been published within if we all spat at once they'd drown: drawings about class, Edited and published by Sam Wallman. Exhibition and book launches Friday June 10th 2016 from 6pm at North Tower, Trades Hall, Melbourne, Australia. You can purchase a copy here.

Drawing by Roberta Joy Rich of a Form, SECTION G for Redress and Diversity Information for South African Applicants for Uniersity.
Book lanuch flyer with orange text and dense cartoon drawings of signs and slogans that look like city buildings, signs and ads.

May 12th - May 15th, 2016

Deny/Denial/Denied, Bubblegum Club, Workshop Newtown, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Exhibition Details


Exhibition Opening 6pm Thursday 12th May, 2016.

Artist talk and discussion with Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, Sunday 15th May, 2016

Exhibition flyer detailing opening at Bubblegum club with text and image of tapestry work with canvas, black wool and gold thread.

February 29th - May 13th, 2016

Studio Residency at Assemblage, Johannesburg, South Africa.


I have been working in Johannesburg, and currently completing a studio residency at Assemblage.

My Assemblage Residency is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts ArtStart program and by the Sainsbury Sculpture Grant, established in memory of the late Madeline Olive Talyor through her estate and administered by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA).

Woman wearing black and gold top and black shirt leaning on a desk in an artist studio with newspaper clippings on wall, trestle table and floor
Australia Council for the Arts Logo
National Association for the Visual Arts Logo
Assemblage Logo

November 23rd, 2015


2015 Sainsbury Sculpture Grant awardees announced


NAVA is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2015 Sainsbury Sculpture Grant: Jamie O'Connell, Roberta Rich, Salote Tawale, and Tim Woodward.

October 7th - October 24th, 2015

I'm Cornered, FELTspace, Adelaide, Australia.


Front Gallery: ROBERTA RICH (VIC) - I'm Cornered

Opening - 5:30 PM - Wednesday, 7th October

Artist Talks - 6:00pm

Running - 8th October 2015 - 24 October 2015


I’m Cornered draws on experiences of ‘racial’ interrogation I have encountered. Presenting an appropriation of Adrian Piper’s Cornered (1988), I endeavour to re-visit questions posed by Piper, surrounding the contradictory nature of ‘race’ categorisation and construction. I attempt through the self-assigned task to perform inter-contextual identity positions while responding to ‘race’ interrogation in this exhibition.

I'm Cornered Exhibition Flyer with text with English language followed by Afrikaans language translations in Times New Roman font.
I'm Cornered Exhibition Flyer in black and white with text details for the exhibition. Logo of South Australia Goverment at bottom.

7th - 27th April 2012

Manifestations of NOW, No Vacancy Project Space, NGV Studio and Federation Square, Melbourne.

A group exhibition curated by Sapna Chandu.

Newspaper clip of a woman wearing black has projections on her face. Projections are of African men wearing old South African flag sports attire

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