Roberta Joy Rich is a multi-disciplinary artist who seeks to re-frame archives of African identity and histories, responding to constructs of "race" and gender identity. Often referencing her own diaspora southern African identity and experiences, she utilises language, archives and sometimes satire, in her video, performance, installation and mixed media projects. Rich draws from various socio-political, historical and popular culture epistemologies, to engage with notions of "authenticity", with the aim of deconstructing colonial modalities and proposals of self-determination within her arts practice.


Born on Wathaurong country (Geelong, Australia 1988), currently based on Wurundjeri and Bunurong lands of the Kulin Nation (Melbourne, south-eastern Australia). Roberta recognises and acknowledges the Wathaurong, Wurundjeri and Bunurong peoples as the traditional owners of the lands she has been raised, living and working on and pay respect to their Elders, ancestors and families. Roberta extends acknowledgment and respect to First Nations peoples and communities globally viewing this website.

Photo courtesy of the artist.

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